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Immunity Challenge #7 - Trivia Showdown Empty Immunity Challenge #7 - Trivia Showdown

on Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:16 pm
Come on in guys!

Today's challenge is a fun one. It's called Trivia Showdown, and here is how it works.

All twelve of you will be put into a channel, where you will compete in one-on-one trivia duels with someone from the other tribe. The questions will be mostly general knowledge, and the first person to get seven correct answers will win the duel.

The tribe that wins four duels will win the challenge, and safety from tribal council. In the event that neither tribe wins four duels, a tiebreaker duel will occur.

The matchups for this challenge have been randomized, and are as follows:

Moose VS Gly
Pete VS Lance
Emil VS Nick
Nifty VS Nik
Blue VS Louise
Chikin VS Star
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