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on Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:56 pm
My name is Drew, and welcome to the sixth season of Survivor Unlimited!

Welcome to All-Stars! Mangat11

So far, our small but awesome hosting team has successfully completed five amazing seasons, each with big blindsides, massive amounts of paranoia, and exciting gameplay from start to finish. Throughout our five seasons, there's been a common element. They've all featured new players, and only new players. No person has ever played in the Survivor Unlimited series twice before.

Welcome to All-Stars! Differ10

Well... that's about to change.

Out of the 91 possible choices, I have hand-picked 20 of the best social, physical and strategic players from this series. These 20 contestants will have to battle the elements and each other to become the sixth Sole Survivor.

And you'll be outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting each other in the same place where it all began... the Phoenix Islands!

That's right, you're going to Orona Island, a beautiful and uninhabited island that's about two square miles long. It's not too far away from Manra Island, where our first season took place.

Welcome to All-Stars! 351px-10

Now that we have a location and a theme, it's time to meet the players!


Bailey - 1st Place in Survivor: Phoenix Islands

Welcome to All-Stars! Bailey10

On the Katama tribe, Bailey started off strong by getting into an alliance of four and finding a Hidden Immunity Idol. After a tribe swap shook everything up, he, Jake and Emiko controlled their new tribe. At the merge, Bailey addressed rumors and told everyone about his Hidden Immunity Idol. Realizing the huge target it put on his back, Bailey wasted his idol at the first merge tribal. As he progressed through the game, everyone slowly began to realize that Bailey was a huge threat and a potential winner. By that time, it was too late. Bailey won clutch immunities and defeated Atkins in a tiebreaker challenge. He won the final immunity challenge and took Jake, his biggest ally throughout the game. At FTC, Bailey was criticized by some of the jury for being a snake, but still was able to defeat Jake in a 5-2 vote, becoming the Sole Survivor.

More information on Bailey's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Bailey


Jake - 2nd Place in Survivor: Phoenix Islands

Welcome to All-Stars! Jake10

Jake played a quiet but strong game, landing himself in a power alliance of four early on. He managed to make it through the pre-merge phase of the game with ease. Jake continued to use his social bonds to get himself all the way to the Final 3. At the final immunity challenge, he made a controversial decision to not try for the immunity. which ended up working out when Bailey took him to the Final 2 regardless. Jake was slammed at FTC by almost everyone, especially Keith and Atkins, for not making any big moves in the game. As a result of this, Jake lost to Bailey in a 5-2 vote and became the runner-up.

More information on Jake's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Jake


Bear - 3rd Place in Survivor: Phoenix Islands

Welcome to All-Stars! Bear10

Bear played a very strong game, working with an alliance of three to gain control of Bakoa, and then he was also able to gain control of Katama after the tribes swapped. Despite being disliked by some of the Katama members (especially Trent), Bear managed to create solid bonds and win important immunities that allowed him to make it all the way to the Final 3, where he was voted out by Bailey for being a bigger threat than Jake.

More information on Bear's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Bear


Atkins - 4th Place in Survivor: Phoenix Islands

Welcome to All-Stars! Atkins10

At first, Atkins slid under the radar and landed himself in a powerful alliance of three with Bear and Keith. This small alliance controlled all of the early votes and helped Atkins reach the merge, where he won a hidden immunity idol in the auction. After allies Saish and Keith were eliminated, Atkins became a much more vocal player, bluffing about a fake hidden immunity idol and attempting to trick Aztec into giving up his immunity necklace. Despite his antics, he managed to make it to the final four, where he was eliminated after losing a tiebreaker challenge against Bailey.

More information on Atkins's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Atkins


T-Dog - 5th Place in Survivor: Japan

Welcome to All-Stars! T-dog10

T-Dog started off very well when he was elected leader of his tribe. He was also successful in getting his rival, Cullan, out of the game. However, his game quickly collapsed after a tribe swap put his tribe on a losing streak. Once his biggest ally, Isaac, decided to mutiny to the other tribe, Shane saw a perfect opportunity to take T-Dog out before the merge.

However, an unexpected Yomi twist gave one pre-merge boot the chance to redeem themselves. T-Dog was victorious in the Yomi challenge and returned to the game, shocking everyone and angering Shane. T-Dog managed to reunite with Isaac, but at the Final 5, they were forced to turn against each other. He reached his end when Nick shockingly decided to idol Isaac, successfully taking out T-Dog in the process.

More information on T-Dog's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/T-Dog


Pie - 6th Place in Survivor: Japan

Welcome to All-Stars! Pie10

Due to his tribe's challenge strength, Pie made it through most of the pre-merge without having to worry about anything. Once the merge hit, Pie decided to use the alphabet strategy to determine who he was voting for, which actually worked very successfully, becoming a huge part in the blindsides of both Dexter and Jess. However, this strategy led to everyone not trusting him, and Pie was voted off almost unanimously at the Final 6.

More information on Pie's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Pie


Dexter - 8th Place in Survivor: Japan

Welcome to All-Stars! Dexter10

Dexter started off the game in an incredibly good spot, becoming the leader of Taiyou after Mikey's elimination. After that, he found two hidden immunity idols and had a high chance of winning the season. However, at the final eight, Pie continued his alphabet strategy, which placed a huge target on Dexter's back. Dexter tried to convince Isaac to turn on Shane and Anthony, but he was unsuccessful and eliminated with two idols in his pocket.

More information on Dexter's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Dexter


Tim - 1st Place in Survivor: Libya

Welcome to All-Stars! Tim10

Tim's winning game was much different than that of other Survivor Unlimited winners. He flew under the radar for a good portion of the game, but he was still making social connections. Tim also managed to get his hands on a hidden immunity idol due to the Libyan village twist. This hidden immunity idol would come in handy later on as he was able to use it to orchestrate a 1-0-0 vote at the final eleven.

From then on, Tim continued to fly under the radar, letting a lot of the bigger personalities like Ethan, Doh and Matthew take shots at each other. After the minority attempted to swing him, he realized he needed to play a much stronger game, and at F7 orchestrated the Will blindside, but failed to remove Matthew's idol. At F6, he joined underdogs Mega and Harry to vote out social threat Leo, as Matthew flipped to avoid rocks.

After taking out minority member Harry, he shocked everyone by defeating Matthew in a firemaking challenge, and then going on to win the final immunity challenge. While he did consider the possibility of taking the bigger threat, Mega, he decided to take Nika, who was seen as a weaker player, to the end with him. At final tribal, the jury made it clear that Tim played the superior game by using all players to his advantage on both sides, and Tim received every single jury vote, making him the first winner to win by a unanimous vote.

More information on Tim's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Tim


Mega - 3rd Place in Survivor: Libya

Welcome to All-Stars! Mega10

Mega was a powerful player throughout the game. During the premerge, he held control along with his allies Ethan and Junior. They controlled the early portion of the game and managed to win a majority of tribal immunities. During the post-swap, he was called out for being the leader by outsiders Nelson and Doh, due to having visited the Libyan Village.

But the tables turned at the merge and Mega suddenly found himself in an underdog position. Losing many allies along the way, Mega managed to survive through attempting to form social bonds as the majority began to crumble and turn on each other. After voting Will out, he played a crucial role in convincing Tim to flip on Leo at Final 6, along with Matthew. After losing his main ally at F5, his bond with Matthew caused him to vote Tim, creating a tiebreaker, which still ended in Matthew eliminated.

At final three, after knowing he needed to win to make FTC, where he lost the final immunity challenge to Tim. With his back against the wall, Mega told Tim to take him to the finale or else he would campaign for Nika to win during final tribal council (Later to be found as a joke as he voted Tim to win easily). Tim thought about Mega's plea, but decided to take Nika and make Mega the final member of the jury.

More information on Mega's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Mega


Matthew - 4th Place in Survivor: Libya

Welcome to All-Stars! Matthe10

Matthew was an incredibly strong player socially, strategically and physically. He formed good bonds with most of the players which allowed him to reach the merge, where he had a solid spot in the majority.

However, as time went on, other players began to realize just how threatening Matthew was, and so Matthew tried to take out a lot of the strong challenge players so that he would have a better chance of winning lots of immunities. When he lost the final four challenge, all hope seemed lost and Matthew seemed like the obvious boot. However, he managed to convince Mega to vote for Tim, and Matthew and Tim engaged in a firemaking battle. Despite Matthew having five immunity challenge victories and Tim having zero, Tim shocked everyone by defeating Matthew, ultimately sealing Matthew's fate in the game.

More information on Matthew's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Matthew


Leo - 6th Place in Survivor: Libya

Welcome to All-Stars! Leo10

A strong social player throughout the season, Leo made tight connections with a lot of players in the game and was on the right side of every vote up until his elimination.

He started off on the Amhara tribe, where he already found himself in a powerful position with the choice of booting either Nika or Jacob, choosing to get rid of the latter. He remained in the majority throughout the swap and the early merge, getting rid of the people that he trusted the least. In the Final 8, he decided to try and pull together people to make a move against Matthew, who he perceived as a major threat. However Matthew won immunity, causing Leo to become a massive threat in the game. Despite being targeted by the minority, he was able to pull together his allies and survive the next two votes.

However, at the final six, Leo found himself in a rough position because Tim wanted to make a move with Mega and Harry, and they put three votes on Leo. Matthew didn't want to go to rocks because he saw Tim and Nika as valuable assets to his game, therefore, he changed his vote to Leo, sending Leo to the jury in a 4-2 vote.

More information on Leo's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Leo


Ryan - 1st Place in Survivor: Honduras

Welcome to All-Stars! Ryan10

A very strategic player, Ryan was remembered for sending lots of confessionals and coming up with a lot of elaborate plans. These plans did have a downside, as many people saw Ryan as a massive overplayer, and he narrowly escaped elimination during the premerge. However, a swap put Ryan in a good position, and his post-swap tribe managed to win every immunity challenge, keeping Ryan very safe.

At the merge, Ryan's post-swap tribe began to fracture, with multiple power moves being made. Ryan and his partner Wyatt were able to team up and did an impressive job of navigating the late game. Ryan was then able to win the last three immunity challenges, and took Wyatt to the Final 2. Both him and Wyatt were bombarded at FTC, but Ryan's very superior game and good FTC answers gave him a 5-4 win over his partner.

More information on Ryan's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Ryan_(S4)


Brian - 3rd Place in Survivor: Honduras

Welcome to All-Stars! Brian10

While not an extremely good physical player, Brian's excellent social and strategic game made him a top-tier player and a huge threat to win the game. He managed to survive six straight pre-merge tribals, and went into the merge with an 8-3 post-swap tribe disadvantage. Despite this, he navigated his way through the merge very well, and likely would have beaten almost anyone at the final tribal council. His game was cut short right at the end, when Ryan won the final immunity challenge and sent Brian to the jury.

More information on Brian's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Brian


Jaiden - 7th Place in Survivor: Honduras

Welcome to All-Stars! Jaiden10

Jaiden was an incredibly strong player when it came to strategy. He had a lot of control during his time in the game, and managed to get his hands on one Public Immunity Idol and two Hidden Immunity Idols. Jaiden was also memorable for fighting with his partner, Caleb, as they disagreed on lots and lots of things, often voting separate from one another despite being partners in the game. That struggle between them was part of the reason for Jaiden's downfall, as Caleb helped unanimously vote out Jaiden at the Final 7.

More information on Jaiden's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Jaiden


Jamaniac - 9th Place in Survivor: Honduras

Welcome to All-Stars! Jam10

A host favorite during the season, Jamaniac was put in a horrible position early on when his partner Sofi became the very first boot. He was forced to make a lot of strong social connections, and those connections, along with his tribe's immense strength, helped Jamaniac make the merge. Though he appeared to be in a good position, his own post-swap tribe decided to turn on him, and he was blindsided in a 5-3-1 vote.

More information on Jamaniac's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Jamaniac


Wavey - Tied for 2nd Place in Survivor: Denmark

Welcome to All-Stars! Wavey10

Wavey played a very good game, both socially and strategically. During the pre-merge, his strong social connections kept him safe, and he was able to make the merge with limited issues. Once he reached the merge, Wavey did a skilled job of playing both sides, but for the most part, stuck with his original Streymoy tribe as Eysturoy's number began to dwindle. Near the endgame, Wavey was instrumental in taking out big threats, such as Jacob and Pory. He defeated Julian in a firemaking challenge at final 4, and it looked like Wavey had a chance to win the whole game. But Akos's support from his original Eysturoy tribe, coupled with Wavey's good-but-not-great FTC performance, gave Akos the win, and Wavey tied with fellow Streymoy member Payton for second place.

More information on Wavey's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Wavey


Julian - 4th Place in Survivor: Denmark

Welcome to All-Stars! Julian10

Despite his young age, Julian was a strong social player and also a strategic force during the season. He rode with the majority during the pre-merge, allowing him to make the merge.

While his game had been relatively under-the-radar, that begun to change when Julian won an idol clue in the auction. Julian was tasked with publically saying a phrase to get the idol, which backfired when fellow tribemate Akos called him out for idol hunting. Despite this dispute, Julian and Akos actually managed to work together, and even voted together at the final 4 to try and take out Wavey. The vote was tied 2-2, and Julian and Wavey went head-to-head in a firemaking showdown. Wavey was successful, and Julian became the first person to come in fourth and be the final juror.

More information on Julian's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Julian


Pory - 5th Place in Survivor: Denmark

Welcome to All-Stars! Pory10

The first ever person to win the POTS (player of the season) award, Pory played a strong physical, strategic and social game. He was in a lot of key alliances and that helped him make the merge.

At the merge, he played relatively under-the-radar at first, but an auction put him at the center stage when he won almost everything that was up for bid. He won immunity, multiple challenge advantages, and most importantly, the ability to choose the demerge tribes. Despite being seen as a threat, Pory was still in a good position as part of the Four Horseman, an alliance containing himself, Wavey, Julian and Akos. This alliance stood strong until the final five, where Pory was blindsided because of his threat level, and also his likelihood of winning the final immunity challenge.

More information on Pory's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Pory


Jacob - 7th Place in Survivor: Denmark

Welcome to All-Stars! Jacob10

Jacob was a host favorite due to his strategic confessionals and overall enthusiasm for the game. He started on the Streymoy tribe, where he formed a close bond with fellow tribemate Ashton, as well as others such as Julian, Pory and Wavey. These bonds, along with a good social and physical game, allowed Jacob to make it to the merge stage of the game.

During the first three merge votes, Jacob stuck with his Streymoy allies as Eysturoy was obliterated one by one. At the final ten, Jacob found himself as a swing vote with two possible plans of action. He could turn on his old Streymoy tribe and pursue new bonds, or he could stick with Streymoy and continue what they had started. He chose to stick with his Streymoy group, which did not pay off when the Four Horseman decided to blindside Ashton without informing Jacob. This left Jacob in an extremely vulnerable state, and despite his efforts, Jacob could not win the immunity challenge or talk any of the Four Horseman into keeping him, and he was voted out 4-3.

More information on Jacob's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Jacob_(S5)


Ian - 9th Place in Survivor: Denmark

Welcome to All-Stars! Ian10

Ian started off on the Eysturoy tribe, where he had strong connections with allies Jidiro, Alex and Numbers, but also connections with others like Magnus or Davis. These connections helped Ian make the merge, where his tribe's 6 to 7 disadvantage put him on the outside of the tribe. Ian was forced to make brand new connections with the Streymoy members, and this led to Ian surviving, while his former tribemates took the hits.

Ultimately, it was the demerge twist that was Ian's downfall, as Ian was put on a tribe with Akos and three original Streymoy members. Ian and Akos both voted for each other, but Akos's better connections sent Ian home unanimously.

More information on Ian's game can be found here: https://survivorunlimited.wikia.com/wiki/Ian


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