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Immunity Challenge #12 Empty Immunity Challenge #12

on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:10 pm
Come on in everyone!

Immunity Challenge #12 Mangat10

Today, we'll be playing a traditional Survivor challenge and one of my personal favorites. It's Touchy Subjects.

You will be given a list of questions. You must fill the answers out twice, once with your personal opinion, and once with who you think will be the majority answer. Similar to the Minority Rules comp, YOU MAY NOT DISCUSS THIS CHALLENGE WITH OTHER PEOPLE. If someone tries to talk to you about the comp, please tell me.

Additionally, your guesses on who you think will be the majority answer will be revealed publicly. Your personal opinions, however, will not be revealed publicly.

Lastly, I want to give a shoutout to Aztec for winning this challenge in Survivor: Phoenix Islands!


1. Who has the best shot at winning this game?
2. Who has the worst shot at winning this game?
3. Who do you trust with your life?
4. Who do you never want to see again?
5. Who would you most like to be stranded with?
6. Who could never survive on their own?
7. Who is the most honest?
8. Who is the most dishonest?
9. Who mistakenly thinks they are running this game?
10. Who is the biggest goat?
11. Who is the quietest?
12. Who never shuts up?
13. Who smells the worst?

Challenge Overview: Fill out the questionnaire in your confessionals twice. Once with your personal opinions, secondly with your predictions of the majority answer. Most correct answers wins immunity.

Winning Conditions: The winner will get an immunity necklace, giving them safety from tribal council and a one-in-seven shot at being the sole survivor.

How To Submit: Submit in your confessional. Please don't change your answers after submitting, as this makes it really confusing for me.

Tiebreaker Rules: In case of a tie in scores, we will have a maze tiebreaker challenge to determine the winner.
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