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Immunity Challenge #1 Empty Immunity Challenge #1

on Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:01 pm
Come on in everyone!

It is now time for your first tribal immunity challenge.

Bow and arrows were first invented in Africa. Microliths found in South Africa suggest that bows and arrows may date back to over 71,000 years ago.

For your first challenge, we're starting with something incredibly simple. You will be playing the Ketchapp app Arrow (it wouldn't be Survivor Unlimited without at least ONE Ketchapp app, right?). Screenshot your score and send it to me inside of your private confessional.

I will add all five of your team scores together to get your cumulative score. The tribe with the worst cumulative score will head to tribal council, where someone will become the first person voted out of this game. That person will be replaced by Harry, who is currently sitting on Exile Desert alone.

But that's not all this challenge has to offer. What fun would it be if this season didn't have a few twists?

Immunity Challenge #1 110

The tribe with the HIGHEST cumulative score will attend tribal council as well, but not to vote someone off. Instead, they will vote to send one of their tribe members to a nearby Libyan village.

At the village, the person sent there will be given a huge feast and they will have an opportunity to earn one of seven advantages. These advantages can be anything from a range of idols to letters from home. But perhaps the most important of these seven advantages is this... The Super Idol.

Immunity Challenge #1 Africa10

If someone finds the Super Idol at the Libyan Village, they must use it after the votes are read. The person with the second highest number of votes will go home.

More details about the Libyan Village will be revealed to the winning tribe.

Challenge Overview: Play the Ketchapp app Arrow. You can download it off of the app store. Or if you're a PC user, you can play it on this site. http://keygames.com/arrow-game/

Winning Conditions: Winning tribe will vote for someone to go to the Libyan Village, where they will receive one of seven advantages in the game. Losing tribe will vote off one of their own members. The tribes that place second and third will be immune from the vote, but unable to go to the Libyan Village.

How To Submit: Submit in your confessional. You may submit as many times as you want.

Tiebreaker Rules: In case of a tie in cumulative scores, the tribe that has all of their members submit their final score first wins.

I know this is a lot to take in, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I try to be online almost all of the time, so feel free to ask me anything and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
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