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Immunity Challenge #9

on Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:42 pm
Come on in everyone!

Before I explain the challenge, I want to make one thing incredibly clear. PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE CHALLENGE WITH OTHER PLAYERS. If someone tries to talk about the challenge with you, please screenshot the conversation and send it to me.

This challenge is called Minority Rules.

I'm going to show you ten different iconic rivalries. You have to guess which one you think your tribemates are less likely to pick. Every time you get an answer that's in the minority, you score a point.

For example, let's suppose the rivalry was Drew VS Molten. If 6 of the 11 castaways said Drew and 5 of the castaways said Molten, the 5 people who selected Molten would score a point.

Since there are ten different rivalries, you can earn up to ten points if all of your answers are in the minority, or as little as zero points if all of your answers are in the majority. The person with the most answers in the minority wins immunity!

Now let's look at the rivalries.

Rivalry 1: Red VS Blue

Rivalry 2: Sun VS Moon

Rivalry 3: Dogs VS Cats

Rivalry 4: Dolphins VS Sharks

Rivalry 5: Coke VS Pepsi

Rivalry 6: Apples VS Oranges

Rivalry 7: Summer VS Winter

Rivalry 8: Vanilla VS Chocolate

Rivalry 9: Cars VS Trucks

Rivalry 10: American Football VS International Football

Remember, you are trying to guess which of the two answers will be least guessed by the other castaways. Submit your guesses in your confessional. An example submission would look like this:

1. Red
2. Sun
3. Dogs
4. Dolphins
5. Coke
6. Apples
7. Summer
8. Vanilla
9. Cars
10. American Football

This is the first time I've ever used this challenge, so it's quite hard to explain. If you have any questions, please ask!

Challenge Overview: Look at the ten rivalries and pick one from each rivalry that you think will be selected less often. You get a point for each minority answer.

Winning Conditions: The winner will get an immunity necklace, giving them safety from tribal council and a one-in-ten shot at being the sole survivor.

How To Submit: Submit in your confessional.

Tiebreaker Rules: In case of a tie in cumulative scores, we will have a tiebreaker challenge to determine the winner.
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