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Immunity Challenge #16 - Final Immunity Empty Immunity Challenge #16 - Final Immunity

on Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:47 pm
Come on in guys!

It is time for your final immunity challenge, and here's how it works.

Similar to a couple of the last few immunity challenges, this final immunity challenge will take place in your confessionals.

It will take sixty minutes to complete the challenge, and you should have BOTH a computer and a phone handy and ready before you attempt the challenge. The challenge is still possible with only one of the two, but you are much less likely to win.

Ping me when you are ready. I would prefer if everyone could get this challenge done by 11PM EST tomorrow, but I don't want anyone to have to sit out if they're busy, so I'm willing to wait additional time if needed.

Let me know if you have any questions, good luck!
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