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Immunity Challenge #11 - Pac-Man Empty Immunity Challenge #11 - Pac-Man

on Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:40 am
Come on in guys!

For your Final 9 challenge, you will be playing a fun flash game! You will be playing Pac-Man.

YOU MUST PLAY USING THIS LINK: http://www.pacmangame.org/classic-pacman/

You will need a computer to play this challenge. If the game does not work on your computer:

- Try a different browser

- Make sure you have Flash installed/enabled

- Try turning off any adblocker/other extension

If none of those work, I will be happy to look for another site, but I cannot guarantee there will be a better one out there.

ONE LAST THING, please make sure you take a screenshot of your full computer screen to confirm you are playing on the right website and to confirm that you are not using a past score.

Good luck everyone! Highest score wins a guaranteed spot in the Final 8.
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